ANNE RYAN   (1889-1954)
Anne Ryan, The Black-Line Woodcut, 1945-48, was shown at the Gallery from October 19 through November 19, 2011. The Prismatic Eye: Collages by Anne Ryan, 1948-1954, was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2010. Within an abbreviated career from 1939 to 1953, Ryan made paintings, drawings, collages, plaster pieces, and prints --- including a highly innovative body of woodcuts. Ryan began painting in 1938 when she was nearly fifty. Her first one-woman painting show was at the Pinacotheca Gallery, NY, in 1941. She lived in Greenwich Village: the artists Giorgio Cavallon, Hans Hofmann, Barnet Newman, Jackson Pollock, and Tony Smith, were among her friends.
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Collage, 1951

Face IV, printed as relief, 1945

Primavera, 1946

New York Harbor, 1940, about

Dancer, 1945

Woman at Table, 1939/40

Pegasus, 1943

Still Life Folded in a Cloth, 1939

Woman Losing Her Head, 1944

Abstraction with S,

Ballet Casieda, 1944

Two Women, 1946

Bathers (relates to The Night Shore), 1945

Bird in the Grass,

Nereid, 1946/47

Two Figures, 1945


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