ABE BLASHKO   (1920-2011)
An exhibition in celebration of the artist's 90th birthday was held at the Susan Teller Gallery for June, 2010. Abe Blashko was eighteen when he had a one-man show at the Seattle Art Museum in 1938; a collection of drawings is in their permanent collection. Prints by Blashko are in the collections of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University, and Syracuse University.
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The Golem (Relates to The Ratmen Series), 1942

(The Prisonner) (Relates to The Ratmen Series), 1942

The Impresario, 1992

The Legacy of LBJ, 1965

Jazz Musicians, 1991

Central Park, NYC, 1963

Venice (Plaza San Marco), 1963

Place de Concord, Paris, 1960

The Hatch Tender (Load), 1941

The Hole (Salmon #1), 1941

Freighter, 1941

The Man Who Laughs (A Victor Hugo Story), 1939

Le Miserable, 1939

Cheney (Cheney with a Spare Heart), 2008

Cell Phone Fever, 2006

Wigstock #2, 1995

Wigstock Celebrities, 1995

Lunch at Odessa Place, 1995

Observation Deck (Self Portrait), 1995

High Fashion, Tompkins Square , 1995

The Cube on Astor Place , 1995

Wigstock #3, 1995

Pinball, 1940, 2000