ARTISTS OF CAPE COD   (April 7 through May 31)
Work by PEGGY BACON and CLARE LEIGHTON was featured in Down the Road: Wellfleet Printmakers from the 20th Century at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA, in 2017. Our list also features Truro artists GEORGE BIDDLE, JUDITH SHAHN and her father BEN SHAHN, and Provincetown artists MARY SINCLAIR, BETTY WALDO PARISH, and sister and brother DOROTHY GREGORY and JOHN GREGORY. Cape Cod subjects are used for many, but especially for artists who may have been more casual visitors such as HOWARD DAUM who would have been drawn by his NYC teacher Hans Hofmann, PETER GRIPPE, and HIGH MESIBOV.
Works are in good to very good condition; exceptions are noted. Prices are subject to change and do not include frames, sales tax, or shipping.

Beulah Stevenson, Three Small Sunflowers and Two Roses by the Window, 1950

Alexander Brook, Peggy Bacon, 1919

Peggy Bacon, Witchcraft, 1946

Peggy Bacon, (The Platform, Wellfleet, Cape Cod), 1952

Peggy Bacon, Painting the House (also known as Chums), 1952

Peggy Bacon, (Study for Ladies' Legs), 1952

Peggy Bacon, Lazy Days (also titled Easy-Going), 1952

Peggy Bacon, Low Tide, 1952

Peggy Bacon, Terribly Heavy, 1952

Peggy Bacon, To the Beach, Wellfleet, 1952

Peggy Bacon, What's For Dinner?, 1953

Clare Leighton, The Sleepy Fishwife, 1925

Clare Leighton, Genoa, 1927

Mary Sinclair, Wellfleet (Cape Cod, MA), 1979

Judith Shahn, (Cape Cod, with Hills), 1948

Judith Shahn, (Landscape with Barricade, Cape Cod), 1960, about

Judith Shahn, (North Truro, with Shacks), 1946

Ben Shahn, Two Police Officers, Man on Curb, 1940

George Biddle, Folly Beach (South Carolina), 1932

George Biddle, Poor Whites, 1932

George Biddle, Three Elephants, 1951

Betty Waldo Parish, Sea City , 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Provincetown Wharf, 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Docked, 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Low Tide, Provincetown, 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Dock Scene , 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Provincetown, 1947

Hugh Mesibov, Provincetown Bay, 1954

Howard Daum, (Provincetown), 1947

Howard Daum, (Provincetown Wharf), 1947

Howard Daum, (Provincetown Backstreets), 1947

Howard Daum (Figure, Hans Hofmann's Class), 1945

John W. Gregory, Approaching Night, Atwood Ave., Provincetown, MA, 1935

Peter Grippe, Provincetown, 1945

Marguerite Zorach (1887-1968), A Merry Christmas, 1925

Agnes Weinrich, Woman Facing Left, 1925

Agnes Weinrich, Head of a Woman, 1925

James Forsberg (Abstract Figure), 1945

Byron Browne, From the American Abstract Artists Portfolio, 1937

R. W. Albright, Wharf, 1935, about

Shelby Shackelford, Lioness, 1934

Stow Wengenroth, Lock House, Lambertville, NJ, 1942

Stow Wengenroth, Lobster, 1944

Stow Wengenroth, Friendly Neighbors, 1964