BETTY WALDO PARISH   (1910-1986)
Betty Waldo Parish is known for her Ash Can School-inspired views of New York, Provincetown, and the Adirondacks. She worked at the Art Students League with Reginald Marsh, John Sloan, and Eugene Speicher, and maintained a Union Square studio. Work by Parish, with that of her son, the sculptor Dickon Eames, showed at the Gallery from September 10 through October 17, 2009.
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Sea City (Provincetown, MA), 1947

Provincetown Wharf, 1947

Docked (Provincetown), 1947

Low Tide, Provincetown, 1947

Six AM, Provincetown, 1947

Portuguese Yards, 1947

Betty Waldo Parish, Provincetown, 1947

Thompson Memorial, Vassar College, 1932

Knob Hill (also titled Summer), 1935

Rhinebeck Fair (Dutchess County, NY), 1935

Marketing Under the L, NYC, 1935

Under the El II (Also titled Marketing on First Avenue), NYC, 1935

Chinese American (also titled Doyer Street), NYC, 1936

Thompson Street, NYC, 1936

Adirondack Hills, 1939

Rondout Creek (also titled Upper Hudson), 1939/41

Andiamo, 1942

Becalmed, 1942

And Gather Yourselves Together, Rev. 19:17, 1945

Eighteenth Street, Lower Broadway, 1945, about

Eighteenth Street, Lower Broadway (NYC), 1945

Vineyard Haven (Martha's Vineyard), 1945

Four Figures, 1950

St. Tropez, 1950

Encroachment of a City, 1952

Summer Rain, 1955