LOUIS SCHANKER   (1903-1981)
This summer, though July 28, 2018, the exhibition LOUIS SCHANKER: The WPA Years, is on view at the Pollock-Krasner House, East Hampton, NY. A trip to the Pollock-Krasner House is always a good idea, but this is also a wonderful opportunity to see extremely scarce early work on paper from Schanker's estate.
A native New Yorker, Louis Schanker left home as a youngster to join the circus. In 1920 he returned to New York and studied at Cooper Union, the Art Students League, and the Education Alliance School of Art. By 1935 Schanker made his first woodcut, finding the medium and establishing a pattern of experimentation that would figure prominently throughout his career.
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Jai Alai, color, 1939

Abstraction #29, 1944

Jai Alai, 1939

Five Figures, 1948

Acrobats (Also titled Two Figures), 1939

Birds in Flight #2, 1945

Abstraction #32, 1938-39

Abstraction #33, 1938-39

Men at Table, 1931-32

Man at Piano, 1936

Movement and Line, 1944

Abstraction #38, 1948

Dictator's Dream, 1937

Three Men on a Bench, about 1939

Three Men on a Bench, about 1939

Circle Image, #25, 1954-55

Cops and Pickets, 1939

Forms in Action , 1941

Polo, 1941

(New York Still Life), 1937

Harlequin Clown, 1940

Café, 1938

Abstraction #30, 1944

Dance (also titled Indian Dance), 1944