SERIGRAPHS   (Through October, 2018)
This group of Mid-Century American Serigraphs was inspired by the exhibition Serigraphy: The Rise of Screenprinting in America, at the Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University. Both include work by ADOLF DEHN, HUGO GELLERT, HARRY GOTTLIEB, CHARLES KELLER, MERVIN JULES, HUGH MESIBOV, and HARRY SHOULBERG, and both feature prints by ANTHONY VELONIS, who was instrumental in introducing the medium first to Mayor La Guardia's Poster Project, then the WPA, and then the US Army. The Rutgers show ran through February 11, 2018; Nicole Simpson was the curator.
Works are in good to very good condition; exceptions are noted. Prices are subject to change and do not include frames, sales tax, or shipping.
Occasionally additional pieces will be added, at top of list.

Harry Shokler (1896-1978), Island Harbor, 1940, about

Riva Helfond, Still Life, 1964

Leonard Pytlak (1910-1998), Storm in Haverstraw (Rockland County, NY), 1940, about

Anna Barry (1907-2001, Mrs. Ira Moskovitz) Navajo Yei Bei Chai, 1945, about

Will Barnet, The New Toy (also known as Go-Go), 1947

Mervin Jules, Autumn, 1940, about

Gena Pettit, Seated Figure, 1945

Hugh Mesibov, Structure, 1952

Riva Helfond, Children Skating,

Leonard Pytlak, Night Catch, Gloucester (MA), 1936-39

Charles Keller, Wall Newspaper, 1943-45

Adolf Dehn, The Great God Pan, 1940

Wayne Larabee, Hillside, 1940, about

William Gropper, (Choral Group), 1938

Harry Gottlieb, (The Catch) , 1938

Harry Sternberg, Moses Soyer, 1944

Harry Sternberg, Mervin Jules, 1944

Harry Sternberg, Salvador Dali, 1944

Anthony Velonis, Art for the Subways, 1937

Anthony Velonis, Local Stop, 1939

Anthony Velonis, Castle Garden, 1937

Anthony Velonis, Side Street (NYC), 1939

Anthony Velonis, 6:30 PM (NYC), 1938

Anthony Velonis, Listener's Room, 1944