PREVIEW: WINTER / SPRING   ( Through April 7, 2017)
The artists of Atelier 17 figure prominently this season with works by three master printers SUE FULLER, PETER GRIPPE, and KARL SCHRAG, and of course, STANLEY WILLIAM HAYTER himself, as well as prints made there by DOROTHY DEHNER, FANNIE HILLSMITH, and ANNE RYAN. We will also feature work by African Americans ELIZABETH CATLETT, EMMA BOURNE, CURLEE RAVEN HOLTON, LAWRENCE A. JONES, and WILLIAM E. SMITH, and recent WPA-era acquisitions by VICTOR DeWILDE.

Ansei Uchima, Near the Water, 1959

Karl Schrag, Breadline (also titled Breadline of the Conquered), 1944

Mark Tobey (1890-1976) (Rebus Letter), about 1950

Dorothy Dehner (1901-1994), Christmas (also titled Skaters and Noel), 1953

Dorothy Dehner (1901-1994), Embryi, 1952

Peter Grippe, Figure (Set of Three), 1950

Pele de Lappe (1916-2007) Wrestlers, 1938

Pele de Lappe (1916-2007) Wrestlers, 1938

Pele de Lappe (1916-2007) Wrestlers, 1938

Pele de Lappe (1916-2007) Friday Night, Freeman Family, 1933

Edward Buk Ulreich (1889-1966) Buk, 1941

Victor DeWilde, The Anchor, 1937-38

Zygmund Jankowski, My Garden, 1961

Harry Sternberg, The Dance -- Superstition, 1940

Stanley William Hayter, Laoco÷n, 1943

Alice Trumbull Mason, Transitive, 1950

Elizabeth Catlett, Rebozos, 1968

Lawrence Jones, Market Place, Mexico, 1973

William E. Smith, Engineer Soldier, 1944

Emma Bourne (1906-1986), Head of a Man, 1940

Dorothy Browdy Kushner (1909-2000) Under the Sea, 1955

Claire Mahl Moore (1912-1988) The Demonstration, 1936

(Bernice) Burr Singer (1912-1992), Letters from Home, 1943

Marguerite Zorach (1887-1968), A Merry Christmas, 1925